O poder dos livros e outros sentimentos.

Eu acredito fielmente que o livro te escolhe. Nós temos pouca, ou quase nenhuma ouso dizer, decisão sobre o que vamos ler em seguida. Os melhores livros e histórias que li na vida vieram assim, do…


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ICONOMI Weekly Update

Dear users,

In one of our most important milestones so far, today we published the results of our first blockchain audit conducted by Big Four professional services firm Deloitte. By providing an independent overview, Deloitte verified that the digital assets on our platform have been reported accurately and that ICONOMI is solvent. On April 5, 2018, ICONOMI had $133.6M of liabilities and $210.2M of reserves distributed across 80 digital assets, fully covering all liabilities.

Next week, we will be releasing a tool to enable users and DAA managers to verify that their account balances were included in the blockchain audit for themselves.

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