Continuous Delivery With Maven Flatten and Spring Boot

Hello Dear Passengers, this article for software developer which use java technologies. I try to explain briefly “How to convert your project continuous delivery structure” . So why we need this…


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A Way Of Life

The present world is a world of science and development where every spark infuriates a sense of courage for everyone but still after being so much developed we are unaware what is going with the child of this modern world. Once I went to a local school and asked a child “What do you want to do for your country at present or what can you do at present for your country ?” I was totally shocked by the answer of that child when he said that he wants to make understand those peoples about our needs who has never thought about us. He said that I want to do a lot of thing for our country but the main obstacle which stops me or we all from doing those things is the lack of resources. He said that our value has been reduced to a plastic scrap . We have been left in a situation where we have nothing to do.

My main objective behind writing this article is to make our politicians think about our children and to provide them with full resources so that they can grow and develop their mental level as other children do.

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