A Way Of Life

The present world is a world of science and development where every spark infuriates a sense of courage for everyone but still after being so much developed we are unaware what is going with the…


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I had one suitcase -
too heavy.
But mother says
a smaller one
won’t fit all my clothes
a couple of books
4 notebooks fully scrawled
and one unfinished.

The smaller one
won’t fit my bag of
a hundred accessories.
Mother shakes her head;
all unnecessary
2 pairs of socks,
a spare of shoes.
What may I encounter?
Nobody knows.

I am leaving home
this time for sure.
The world is an oyster
The world is my oyster
life is a circle
before I have left
I wish to come back.

I am unaware of when.
Time is a construct
the minutes unreal.
But life — it is a circle
all roads lead back.

But my one suitcase
which has all that I need
is too heavy.
My arms are tired,
knees bent
feet struggle to drag.
My heart
carries another carcass

Impulsive choice,
I marvel at my absurdity.
I have decided to leave
it all behind.
When I return
I will struggle to trace
all that I have left.
But they are all accessories
all unnecessary.

I am leaving
this time — with nothing.
My heart is full
my hands empty.
At last,
I have stopped carrying
The corpse of my past.

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