How I jumped into Vagrant?

it was the first time I started working into automation. Our aim in automation is to automate our whole system, and yeah… we worked well. every things were working! but the requirement is to provide…


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Continuous Delivery With Maven Flatten and Spring Boot

Hello Dear Passengers, this article for software developer which use java technologies. I try to explain briefly “How to convert your project continuous delivery structure” .

So why we need this lifecycle, version system is necessary for every software project and in order to handle this we use Git or SVN. But we try to include deployment process in this cycle , may be little confusion.

Like below

In this modular structure, there are difference version approach, for example You developed new feature for your project or bug fixed in the Sub Child One Project 1. And you will deploy your code. Which project version will be increase after deployment? Just Sub Child One Project 1 or Child Project One or Whole Projects. By the way this discussion is still continue among developers. However both system even managed from single version or multiple version you have to write version for every pom.xml.

Via revision, you can define pom xml without <version> tag.

I gave the below example parent and child pom.xml and explaint how it works.

Your parent pom.xml should be like this

Your child pom xml should be like this

After the whole procjets build also you can build your sub project with spring-boot

So, If you configured your deployment repostory, can also use deploy command

This is end of the article so I hope after the applied all steps will see below output 🙂

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