Continuous Delivery With Maven Flatten and Spring Boot

Hello Dear Passengers, this article for software developer which use java technologies. I try to explain briefly “How to convert your project continuous delivery structure” . So why we need this…


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How I jumped into Vagrant?

it was the first time I started working into automation. Our aim in automation is to automate our whole system, and yeah… we worked well. every things were working! but the requirement is to provide this automation application is to our CEO, who was 1000+ km away from us, in US. So my tech lead suggested to upload it on server.

Now the point is that, I was a fresher, and nobody will give any server access to fresher at one go! then I come-up with a plan, to create my own server, once every thing works fine. I’ll ask for server access. and the day come, after lot of struggle in vagrant I was able to create my own server and configured it with all the dependency that were required to run my automation system.

But things which seems to look simple are always different from actuals, I again stuck with my vagrant server. Actually the black screen was not allowing us to use GUI feature. Anyhow I resolved that issue too. and it is running smooth.

Now I only have to run,

vagrant up. then,

vagrant ssh. and all work done!

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