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Spent the weekend ripping lines…of powder…with my skis. I know what you were thinking. Also, this is going to sound crazy, but I think bobsledding might be my new favorite Olympic sport. Changing the…


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Coming together to keep kids warm

Field agents team up with G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility to provide 400 coats to students in need

T he cold and snow can bring fun outdoor activities for many across the state.

But when temperatures drop, it can be a challenge for those in need to stay warm, especially children.

It’s why field agents in Wayne County have worked each year to donate coats to students in low-income areas of Detroit.

Sometimes children miss days of school because they don’t have warm winter items to wear, said Carol Davenport, an offender success lead agent who helped organize this year’s drive.

When G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility Deputy Warden Douglas Smith heard about the effort, he decided to share the information with prisoners who were looking for ways to give back to their communities.

Together, MDOC staff and prisoners were able to provide about 400 coats to students at Clippert Multicultural Honors Academy and Harms Elementary School. Metro Territory field staff and G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility employees were able to present coats to students at Harms on Dec. 5.

Many students beamed as they picked up their new coats, boots and other warm winter items, and stopped to thank MDOC staff.

Mindy Wallace, special activities director at G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility, said many prisoners were from the Detroit area and wanted to give back in any way they could to help keep children warm this winter.

Prisoners were excited to learn about the results of their donation, she said.

Harms Elementary Principal Mauro Cruz said many students previously didn’t have a good coat to bring to school.

“It means a lot,” Cruz said of the donation. “We really appreciate any and all donations when it comes to the kids of Harms Elementary.”

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