ICONOMI Weekly Update

Welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Update series. This week, we published the results of our blockchain audit by Deloitte, launched a new DAA, hosted our first guest AMA on Reddit, and more…


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Road to A Decentralized Game Marketplace Connecting Game Developers and Gamers Globally

The gaming industry is ripe for disruption with the usage of blockchain technology. Various blockchain platforms have been developed to improve the way we do things, including purchasing and playing games.

Exodia.World aims to be #1 Decentralized Game Marketplace to help many game developers realizing their dreams and make gamers’ passion more affordable.

There is a pressing problem in the gaming industry nowadays. Game developers are usually not in the best position to negotiate, they end up getting only 15%-25% from the price of game sold. Game developers depend on game publishers a lot. They have no choice. They need distribution. Without distribution they can’t be sustainable. While various stakeholders take a cut from the total price, it becomes more expensive for users to buy the games. If game developers can sell directly to their users, the price of the games could be much more affordable. You can read more about Why We Build Exodia.World

Once Exodia.World takes off, what has never been possible before, will be possible with blockchain technology. Small game developers will be able to raise funding from gamers. Gamers will be able to purchase games at a price of up to 70% lower than usual, because the middlemen will be removed. Game developers can distribute their games globally on day one, without depending on anyone. More information is available on the website and whitepaper.

EXO will be the only token being used on the decentralized gaming platform for anyone to purchase games, receive rewards and referral incentives. EXO can also be used for game developers to raise funding for development.

EXO wallet will be released after token sale is concluded. EXO wallet will initially be available on desktop, the mobile app version will be released in the future. The reason being we want to focus on PC games first. PC games are expensive and we want to make it affordable. Console games are expensive too, but we do not have the power to change things there yet. Mobile games are usually cheaper or free, hence that is not our focus for now. EXO wallet will have staking capabilities where you can gain return if you keep your EXO in the wallet.

Everyone is allowed to buy or sell EXO tokens on the exchanges. We will announce the first exchange as soon as possible after the token sale and EXO wallet development.

After desktop EXO wallet is launched, we will build the decentralized game marketplace where the EXO wallet will be in. The desktop app can be downloaded and all the transactions can be done there. All data will be securely encrypted and Exodia.World team won’t have the access to your funds. Game developers will be able to sell their games on the blockchain platform securely to gamers around the world. Transactions will be done with EXO tokens only.

Once the decentralized game marketplace has been launched, we will keep getting new users to participate in the decentralized gaming platform. Game developers will be able to raise funding for their game development on the platform. Everything will be securely recorded on the blockchain to protect the gamers and the game developers.

If you want to contribute in the project, please join with your friends:

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